Exquisite resort in rishikesh which is in Aloha Ganges. From Delhi I will take 225 km to reach there, which can easily be reached by rail , road, and even this resort named Aloha on the Ganges is located on the bank of the river Ganga, that river which is close to Laxmi jhula and contains a very peaceful environment also. On the fast flowing Ganges the resort is located and covered by each side with mountains. At the time of the evening, you'll love the weather that slows and the Breeze, the positivity is also there that you can feel because of the sadhus there by the sound of the bells ringing.  

Tourists especially come for the maha Ganga Aarti. Aloha on the Ganges is not just the resort in Rishikesh but it will also leave you in shock after seeing its development in nearby surroundings. Not only physically you should also experience the mental peace of that place and you will love that and after that, you'll also realize the importance of staying calm and the importance of peace of mind for a person that they need in their life.

You must say Aloha on the Ganges is the best escape from your day-to-day busy schedule and the positivity of that place will make you relaxed and you will love everything.

Aloha Ganges is not only a resort in Rishikesh but it is also a place where you'll feel good, peaceful and relaxed. With those surroundings, you'll not only realize how important self-time is but you'll also realize that along with the work, self peace of mind is also very important so that we could enjoy our personal space. In easy words, we can say Aloha on the Ganges is a place for people to have some change or escape from their daily life to a spiritual one where they will feel good and especially relaxed.

When you will get a chance to go to that place Aloha on the Ganges in Rishikesh then you will love it and you will come back with the best experience, many memories, and a big smile on your face with a positive change in you. It is a place where you can, have a dip in the holy water Ganga and purify your soul. This place also offers relaxation of mind and body with the help of yoga which relaxes your mental health as well. If you love adventures and you are thinking of coming to Rishikesh then you have a chance to do adventurous sports here which will give you a better experience.

The way Aloha is designed it deserves to be part of Rishikesh. Not only rooms are provided but along with that, you can also get that 2-room apartment as per your needs. There are private apartments also which you can pre-book or can talk to the premises for one but what you have to do is be careful while booking. It is located in an environment that is very peaceful and scenic and is located on the bank of the river Ganga. It is surrounded by forests and hills, even a very peaceful place to refresh your mind and have a great chance for yourself. Not only can you enjoy it will provide you with physical and mental peace as well and then you will realize the importance of calmness and personal space in your everyday life.  Its surroundings are soo enhanced that you'll love to have a look. 

It is near Laxman jhula on the bank of the river Ganga. Aloha Ganges will provide you with the special opportunity to be part of Ganga aarti. You can explore Rishikesh by walking and visiting the nearby places and later at the property you can have a relaxed yoga session.