Candolim Beach, in North Goa, is known as one of the best beaches in the country, due to its pristine sand and blue waters, and people travel from all over the world to see it. However, not many know that this beach offers an exceptional range of water sports that are not offered anywhere else in the country! From canoeing to scuba diving, even surfing and snorkeling, Candolim Beach has something for everyone! Here’s your complete guide to what you can do here in Candolim Beach water sport. In place of water sports you can do skiing courses in gulmarg.

Kite Surfing

You won’t need to head out to a tropical beach to get a taste of what kite surfing has to offer—it can be found on India’s western coast. When you feel like doing something active and fun, but don’t want to go too far from home, try your hand at kite surfing on Candolim Beach. With a full moon overhead and calm winds lapping at your feet, you may feel as if you have become part of a beautiful painting. The only thing missing is a perfect sunset over your shoulder. After an exhilarating morning ride when every wave feels like it's holding you up in its arms and taking care of you for once, watch as evening falls over that same sea.


This can be a great option for both thrill seekers and those just looking to have fun. Parasailing is one of the most popular water sports in Candolim beach. Parasailing is done by securing a parachute attached to two kites and flying you above sea level for about 20 minutes. The parasailor will ascend quickly but after he or she has reached maximum height, it descends at a much slower pace. Take your pick from a tandem parasail or ride alone with professional assistance as required.


The beaches of north Goa are a popular spot for paragliding. With constant ocean breezes and panoramic views of Parikrama Road and Baga Bay, it’s not hard to see why. Paragliding is one of the most exhilarating sports around—think free-flying like a bird!


The long coastline of Goa can be explored by kayak. The local tour operators offer kayaking tours that allow you to view wildlife up close and get a glimpse of several aquatic creatures like turtles. From dolphins to sea snakes and even whales, you’ll have a chance to see it all. Snorkeling: The waters around Candolim are home to several species of fish and other marine life that can be viewed while snorkeling. At first glance, water may appear still but there is much more movement than you might think as fish swarm throughout warm shallows and tropical gardens.


The best way to discover sea life is by snorkeling. This is a very easy sport to pick up. All you need is a mask and snorkel (usually provided for free at any of your vacation rentals), and you’re good to go! Hop into shallow water, breath through your snorkel, look down at all of the beautiful fish swimming around you, enjoy some time in nature. Don’t forget that there are other fun options too! Rent stand-up paddle boards or surfboards—there are instructors available for all three if you want extra guidance! Tons of fun with not much effort involved!

Scuba Diving

An underwater scuba diving experience takes you away from your daily routines and into a world of graceful aquatic life and colorful coral reefs. This exhilarating sport allows you to breathe underwater using equipment such as snorkels or masks with a regulator connected to an air tank on your back. While learning how to scuba dive can be challenging for beginners, it’s one of those sports that is well worth putting in effort for because it’s so much fun.


Bikes are by far one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective forms of transportation available. It is a great way to commute and stay fit as well. If you have never ridden a bicycle before, it can take some time to get used to riding again. There are many different styles of bicycles and each style will have its own way of riding it. Always wear your helmet while riding a bike; an accident can happen at any moment. So always be prepared for anything that could possibly happen while you are out on your bike.


Unlike land sports, swimming is not limited to a specified area of activity. Swimming is an activity that can be done anywhere - at pools or other designated areas and also any place where there’s enough water for people to swim.